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Michael Meis is hands down one of the best leaders I've ever encountered, whose managerial and mentorship abilities as well as analytical acumen are second-to-none. Demonstrating dynamic project management skills, Michael developed a critical cybersecurtiy division to become one of the most productive and respected elements within the entire department. His ability to assess capability gaps as well as develop/refine processes to solve problems coupled with his ability to both articulate issues/resolutions at the senior executive level and address issues/resolutions with technical staff makes Michael one of the best-suited candidates for any senior leadership role, particularly one in cybersecurity, IT management, and/or incident response.

Derek Barnett - USDA Cyber Threat Intelligence Branch Chief

I have managed countless people over the years, but none like Michael. He is inordinately dedicated to self-improvement, in both work and life. Michael graduated with his degree, received multiple job-related certifications, and maintained an enviable work/life balance all while being one of the most productive members of my team. He quickly earned the trust of his peers, most of which had seniority, and became the natural leader of the team in my absence. I was proud to recommend him for the lead role when I took a federal position. In the year since, I have watched him excel as an effective leader to both his contract staff and his government counterparts. He was instrumental in implementing a USDA-wide report on daily Cyber Security alerts and indicators, enhanced USDA’s Cyber Security policies, and played a critical role in reducing the Cyber Security threat footprint of the USDA and its customers. Michael gets it, he defines the word "doer", and he has my highest recommendation. I'd stake my reputation to it.

Carraig Stanwyck - USDA Risk Management ISSPM

I have worked with Michael with the DOD. Michael was shift lead for a 24/7 365 Technical assistance center in support of USMC applications. Michael’s consistent and professional support of the environment during his shift and in transition to on-boarding shifts assured the continuity and viability of those applications and the supporting infrastructure. The environment was inclusive of all aspects of the OSI model and Michael was well versed and continued to improve his knowledge specific to those requirements. Strengths include Process, documentation, leadership, reliability and professionalism. Strong focus in a crisis. Highly recommended

Clyde Miller - Technical Program Manager

Few people get the opportunity to report to a manager who was also a coach, a mentor, and a friend but I did, when I worked for Michael. I had the pleasure to work with Michael on the MCEITS contract for the Marine Corp and for the ASOC contract at the USDA. As a team leader and manager Michael was able to effortlessly juggle the government requirements while still ensuring that the contractors were treated with the same respect and dignity. He pushed you to succeed even when you thought you couldn’t, he was there to help you get where you wanted to be. I miss working with Michael because he was an excellent person to have in your corner and know that he will succeed in anything he does.

Chris Armstrong - Cyber Security Engineer

Michael has proven himself a solid leader several times over in the past few years. Working under his management has been a major improvement for our entire team with the USDA. He maintains daily competence and leadership that meets all expectations.

London Eubanks - Senior Cyber Security Analyst

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